If you want support in your career; with job search, career strategies, leadership questions etc etc… OR if you want step by step support and inspiration to build a solo-business, then this is the place to be! Get to Work – or rather me, Karin Bogren, founder of this company – offer career coaching for people in any industry as well as business coaching for aspiring freelancers and solopreneurs. 

In addition to my career within recruitment I am also a certified professional coach by World Coach Institute and I have many years experience of career coaching, life coaching and business coaching. I don’t have a specific niche in terms of industries; previous and current clients are for example active within corporate, non-profits, or more creative fields such as arts, photography, dance and fitness. 

The coaching is via phone (or Skype or similar service) and is offered in SWEDISH or ENGLISH. Scroll down for more details! 

1:1 Career Coaching

In this career coaching session we focus on whatever part of your career you need support with; your current job situation, applying for jobs, changing careers, whether it’s time to leave your current job, leadership, work relationships etc etc. We map out what new opportunities that could be suitable for you and we discuss the best course of action. 

1:1 Business Coaching

This coaching session is both for people who are currently up and running with their freelancing or solo-business and for those who are dreaming of starting one. Examples of topics can be how to grow your business, create attractive services or products, reach more clients, or more personal areas that can affect your path such as self esteem, doubt, motivation, procrastination and how to deal with negative friends and family.