Personal EQ-i Report + Feedback Session

$497.00 $375.00

The Personal EQ-i Report is ideal for:

  • Individual Development
  • Team Development
  • Recruitment
  • Career Counseling

What’s included in the Personal EQ-i package?

  • Online access to the EQ-i 2.0® Workplace Assessment
  • Detailed 20 page Personal Assessment Report
  • 1 hour feedback session via video call where we review your strengths and weaknesses, and assess the areas for improvement

How does this work?
You will receive an email with instructions within 3 business days of your purchase. The test takes approximately 30 mins, and once you have completed the assessment you will receive your report as well as a link for booking your 1 hour feedback session. Business hours are 9:00-18:00 CET. Contact me if you prefer to pay via invoice.



If you are looking for a quick way to test and understand your emotional intelligence, then the Personal EQ-i Report is best. Use the test to improve your performance personally and professionally and increase your chances of advancement. The results of this personal EQ assessment impacts performance in areas such as conflict resolution, decision making, change management, and teamwork.

It also works for managers looking to help employees work more effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and clients. Or, assist staff in non-leadership roles who struggle with personal insight. An employee’s emotional intelligence is a significant factor in reaching their full potential.

Download a free sample EQ-i report here.

The test and its report are available in the following languages:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Read more about emotional intelligence here.

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